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We help people with kidney failure stay healthy, increase their life expectancy and life quality.

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Центры диализных центров НефроМед и B.Braun на карте России
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NephroMed provides high-quality dialysis assistance in Russia and abroad

The wide network of our own and partnership centres, all of which maintain unified quality standards, makes receiving dialysis in other regions as easy as at home. We will help you to collect all the necessary documents.


Dialysis sessions take a lot of time in the everyday life of each patient. We design and equip our centres so that anyone can spend their time healthily but comfortably and efficiently: working, resting, or socialising.


We use artificial kidney machines produced by the German company B. Braun which is among the leading manufacturers of dialysis equipment. Using the equipment and expendable supplies from the same manufacturer allows us to perform high-quality dialysis procedures.

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