NephroMed dialysis centres are fitted with the modern equipment manufactured by the German company B. Braun, whose developments are aimed at the effective treatment for patients on dialysis.

B. Braun EquipmentWorld-class German Equipment

NephroMed dialysis centres are equipped with apparatus and use expendable supplies world-class equipment from the B. Braun company. Nephroma medical and technical staff get training from our European partners, which enables us to provide our patients with qualified treatment of German quality.

B. Braun is one of the leaders in the manufacturing and supply of medical equipment in Russia. All their products are developed according to the international standards and demands. The production is based on cutting-edge technology, quality, the safety of the patients and staff, and environmental protection. Before entering the market, the products are tested to meet these criteria.

Water PurificationAssuring Water Safety for Hemodialysis

At NephroMed we use the equipment from the German company Lauer. Water is purified using a multi-stage system designed individually for each dialysis centre. The main component is the reverse osmosis system, which uses titanium membranes filtering not only bacteria and viruses but even salts and metals found in tap water membranes with high selectivity – 99.8%. Our staff daily checks the water for hardness and free chlorine, and monthly—for the bacterial count, endotoxin concentration, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. This is one of the main components of safe and effective treatment at NephroMed.

DialysersXevonta and Diacap Pro — New Generation Dialysers

At NephroMed we use new-generation dialysers from the German company B. Braun—Diacap Pro and Xevonta. Their membranes are highly biocompatible with human blood and highly permeable to uremic toxins, which are removed by dialysis. This eventually helps to effectively purify the blood from waste products, remove endotoxins, prevent inflammatory and adverse reactions. They are used for hemodiafiltration as well as for high-flux and low-flux dialysis, which is comparable in its effectiveness.

The cutting-edge dialyser with a synthetic membrane Dicap Pro ensures effective treatment and lowers the risk of possible complications. It successfully removes uremic toxins from the body to quickly achieve the goals of hemodialysis.

Hemodialysis MachineDialog+ Ultramodern Artificial Kidney

For treatment at NephroMed, we use the Dialog+ artificial kidney machine from the German company B. Braun. Safety, reliability, and accuracy are the standard demands it meets during the procedure. Among the options offered by B. Braun is the system helping to control the effectiveness of blood purification during the treatment. Thanks to it, any participant of the process, whether it is the doctor, the nurse, or the patient, can control the procedure and make necessary decisions in case of any deviations from the set goals.

Data control systemDialog+ Nexadia: Efficient Interaction for Effective Treatment

Nexadia data control system and Dialog+ hemodialysis machine ensure intelligent dialysis management. The system collects and securely stores information about the treatment, allowing the staff to spend more time on personal work with the patient.