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NephroMed centres provide patients who have terminal stages of chronic kidney failure with vital hemodialysis services. Our goal is to help every patient stay healthy, increase their life expectancy and life quality.
the year started
30 +
dialysis centres
in Russia
350 +
partnership centres
around the world
1500 +
members of staff help
patients in our centres
every day
2800 +
patients in 14 regions
of the country
Центры диализных центров НефроМед и B.Braun на карте России

NephroMed Principles

We choose transparency, honesty, and openness, keeping our focus on patient care.

1. Treatment focused on your health and lifestyle

We understand and take into account the needs of our patients. Our centres are designed to ensure that everyone can spend their time healthily. We do not limit you to just receiving effective treatment in comfortable surroundings.


2. High quality standards

Thanks to our reliable staff, our patients receive professional and timely treatment. Our staff undergoes regular training. This highlights our serious approach to work, the safety of procedures, and the systematic development of our centres.


3. German equipment from B. Braun company

NephroMed dialysis centres are fitted with modern equipment from the German company B. Braun. Our solid partnership guarantees world-class, safe and effective treatment for our patients.

Our equipment

Our mission is to help people with chronic kidney failure

Having chosen one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment and consumables, B. Braun, as our partner, we provide our patients with world-class treatment to the highest standard.

By expanding the network of our clinics, we offer our patients the freedom of relocation: they travel, go on business trips, and visit their relatives.

By connecting doctors and patients, we build a community where everyone has access to support and information. The quality of life of patients is the main reason for our work. 

Address from Our Executives

Chief Executive Officer

Tiagi Ashish Sudkhanshuevich

"NephroMed reflects our vision of modern, reliable, and high-quality dialysis centres. We wanted to create a clinic where patients would feel as comfortable as possible and see the benefits of the treatment in their daily lives. This is how in 2016 we started create network of dialysis center appeared to shortly become synonymous to affordable, safe, and high-quality medical assistance.

What matters for us in our work is the result, namely, our patients’ health and well-being. We believe in mutual success, that is achievable through our staff’s expertise, high-quality equipment and expendable supplies. We are glad to see how the life of our patients is getting better, whether it is working, travelling, our time spent with the loved ones.

Our patients are our priority. We aim at treating everyone with care and understanding. Building our relationships on mutual trust, we achieve our goal — to improve each patient’s health and quality of life."
Medical director

Ryasnanskiy Vladimir Yurievich

"The first NephroMed dialysis centre opened in 2016. During 6 years of successful work we expanded geographically and opened more than 30 clinics in different regions of Russia.

The opening of each centre is a big day for our team of professionals sharing the same goals. It is important for us to keep opening new centres.

NephroMed work is based on trust between the doctor and the patient, mutual respect, and eagerness to help anyone who turns to us.

Kidney failure is not the end of the world; it is a reason to start taking your health really seriously. We will help you with this. Stay healthy!"